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Because your business depends on you

Customizable, Private Health Insurance for Business Owners & Independent Contractors 


Before I even turned 26, my parents began asking me when and how I was planning to get health insurance. I had no interest in a 9-5 and I was already committed to my marketing clients. I wasn't about to trade my work and the dream of owning my own business for employee benefits. Would the company even pay the full premium? Were the options good? I wanted more choices. One choice depended on my income and the other depended on my dreams. That just wasn't cutting it for me.

A few years of research and hundreds of contacts later, I found a solution that works for me. I thought, if it works for me, there have to be more people facing the same predicament. Reach out to me or schedule a call with my broker to get started today!

"Your quality of life

   shouldn't depend

    on a broken system"

Erin Erickson, 26andOver Founder & CEO


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